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All services are up & running

Hello. You'll be able to find out about any EvaluAgent service issues here.

If you need any support, you can;

  • Chat to us in-app
  • Visit our user guides - https://support.evaluagent.com
  • or, send us an email: support@evaluagent.com
  1. Sep 28

    No incidents on this day.

  2. Sep 27

    No incidents on this day.

  3. Sep 26

    No incidents on this day.

  4. Sep 25

    No incidents on this day.

  5. Sep 24

    No incidents on this day.

  6. Sep 23

    1. [Resolved] | Resolved: Affected Performance and Outage

      Some users may be experiencing slowness within the platform or a 504 message. Our engineers are working on a fix for this and we hope to get back online soon.

      Edit 23/09 11:27 (GMT+1) - We should now be back online, please report any issues to support@evaluagent.com

  7. Sep 22

    1. [Resolved] | Performance Issue

      This issue has now been resolved. We will be working through a post-incident review to fully discover the cause and work through any changes we can make to stop this from happening again.

      We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    2. [Important] | Performance Issue

      We are aware of performance issues and in some cases an outage for all regions. Our engineers are investigating as a matter of priority.

      A further update will be provided shortly.